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What is a DNSBL?

Domain Name System Blacklists, also known as DNSBL or DNS Blacklists, are spam blocking lists that allow a website administrator to block messages from specific systems that have a history of sending spam. As their name implies, the lists are based on the Internet Domain Name System, which converts complicated, numerical IP address into domain names, making the lists much easier to read, use, and search.

Why am I listed?

It is probably because you share an IP address with others and there is you or someone who:


Request a delisting from a blacklisting service. But if you do not do anything to change the behavior of your system(s) that caused the listing in the first place, it is likely to occur again. Depending on the blacklist, it can be progressively harder to get delisted after the second or third listing. Do not delist from major blacklists without a plan in place to address the issue that caused the listing!