IoPT scan statistics report of DEC 07, 2021

Distribution of vulnerable networks

Note: at least one vulnerability detected

Top 20 Default Gateway Vendors by MAC OUI

Remote code execution in Windows Spooler Service aka PrintNightmare distribution

Note: 4213 DCE RPC were detected in total, 3513 of which are found potentially vulnerable to PrintNightmare

Remote code execution vulnerabilities in the Microsoft SMB aka EternalBlue distribution

Note: 2088 Microsoft SMB were detected in total, 232 of which are found vulnerable to EternalBlue. Microsoft SMB discovery is based on combination of SMB and NetBios services.

UPnP Top 50 by Model Name

UPnP Top 50 Server

Report parameters

Total networks: 12266
Total scans: 25945
Median number of active nodes per network: 5

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